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Look A Pink Chinese Evergreen

Look A Pink Chinese Evergreen

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The Aglaonema – Chinese evergreen is one of the most versatile, recognizable and widely used group of plants for indoor use. Plants are available in most garden centers.

During the past decade or so many new varieties have come on the market – most of them green with silver markings.

However, there is a new wave of Aglaonemas slowly making their way to the US market. Most of these have their breeding heritage traced back to Thailand and the Philippines.

However, some of these “cuties” may not be found in the big box garden centers… check some of the independent and high end garden centers who carry a wider range of plant varieties.

Want to see what could be the future of Aglaonemas, follow the link below…

Aglaonema Palace

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Watch the video: How to Care for an Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen Plant (July 2022).


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