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Learn How To Grow Carpet Grass

Generally known as carpet grass, Axonopus aks-on-o-pus is a genus in the grass family.It is indigenous to the tropical and subtropical lands of the United States (Gulf Coast States), Africa, and Easter Island.Most commonly found in Florida, East Texas, Arkansas, and Alabama.It has the characteristic of producing rhizomes and often referred to as rhizomatous grass.
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Growing Italian Honeysuckle: Learn Lonicera Caprifolium Care

Lonicera Caprifolium luh-NIS-er-a, kap-rih-FOH-lee-um is a type of flowering plant perennial in the genus Lonicera from the family Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle family).The genus includes a number of North American and European mountain species with a natural habitat of wastelands, forest margins, and broad-leaved forests.
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Most Effective Way to Clean And Descale Your Keurig Coffee Brewer

Using a Keurig coffee/tea maker can really streamline the process of your morning beverage.While this part is streamlined though, the cleanup can be a real hassle. It does not have to be this way though.Using these simple steps you will be able to get you coffee maker back to optimal conditions, such as you bought it.
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How To Grow and Care For Cistus Purpureus

Cistus purpureus SIS-tus, pur-PUR-ee-us are perennial evergreen shrubs hailing from the Mediterranean, Lebanon, Portugal, and southern Europe.These plants belong to the family Cistaceae.You may also hear them referred to as Purple Flowered Rock Rose, Orchid Spot Rock Rose, or as Betty Taudevin.Cistus Purpureus CareSize and GrowthThese pretty, evergreen shrubs have a medium rate of growth and typically grow to be 3′ or 4′ feet tall and equally as wide.
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The Invasive Oriental Bittersweet Vine [Celastrus Orbiculatus]

Celastrus orbiculatus see-LAS-trus, or-bee-kul-AY-tus is a perennial climbing and deciduous woody vine belonging to the Celastraceae family, also known as the staff-tree family.The plant is native to China, Korea, and Japan, but it is so widely found in North America, where it was introduced as an ornamental plant around 1860, it is considered an invasive species in the eastern parts of the continent.
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Water Feature

How To Easily Make An Outdoor Fountain

Would an outdoor fountain at the entrance to your front door become a focal point to liven things up? Can you hear the soothing sound of water trickling over rocks to greet guest as they arrive.Water fountains do not need to be expensive or complicated. We’ll show you how to easily build your own outdoor water features like a pondless waterfall fountain!
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